Free From Awards 2017: The ones that got away

I was excited to read through the list of all the products that are up for the Free From Awards this year, but there were a few that definitely should have been there that were conspicuous by their absence.

As mentioned in my last post, there were quite a few of our staples on there, which made me wonder where the rest of our staples were. I asked one of them on Twitter, and it seems they didn’t enter – so it may well be that the others didn’t enter either?

Anyway, I thought I’d list some of our favourites here that, for one reason or another, didn’t make the Free From Awards 2017 list. It is such a pain to find products that are free from multiple allergens, that it’s always worth sharing when you find a good one.

Just Bread


Finding bread for a kid who is allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs and soya is a tall order. We tried BeFree for a while as most of the other bread brands, like Genius or the supermarket own brands, have dried egg powder. But then I realised to my horror that BeFree has pea protein (and my son is allergic to peas). He’d not ever eaten much of the bread as he seemed to dislike the taste, but when he had some he didn’t react. We stopped giving him it as soon as we found out it has pea protein though.

That left us with no options for bread, until I found out about Just.

Near where I live it’s only Waitrose that stocks this (and only brioche rolls), so when we find some we always buy enough to freeze. I freeze them individually, and then I cut the rolls into tiny slices and put Vitalite on them.

I’ve tried these rolls and they’re actually delicious, and my older son always asks for some as well.

They’ve said they plan to enter the awards next year and I hope they do, as more people need to know about this great product!

Kiddylicious wafers

So the Kiddylicious veg straws have made the list, but the wafers (blueberry, carrot and banana – in that order) are the big hit over here.


L doesn’t like rice flakes or any sort of oat/wheat alternative for breakfast, so these have been a staple.

They’re fab for weaning babies as they’re easy to hold and dissolve in the mouth. I can’t think that they are super filling or particularly nutritious, but they do the job and L genuinely loves them.

Sainsbury’s pastas

OK, so everyone now does gluten-free pastas, but they are not all created equal. We used to get the Asda fusilli/spaghetti and found it a bit sticky/chalky, and assumed that’s just what glusainsburys-penneten-free pasta is like.

However, then we bought the Sainsbury’s penne and they are SO much better. Soft and tasty, and L can’t get enough of it.

And overall, Sainsbury’s Free From section is just better than the other supermarkets, with more options.

So these three are certainly products we can’t live without, though we’re expanding our repertoire slowly but surely. Tonight, L had a product with strawberry for the first time. I’d been so nervous about introducing it, but then bit the bullet with some Koko yoghurt tonight. He really liked it and had about a third of a pot.

I’ve also bought Tesco free from dough mix this weekend to do pizza dough for him, and some Violife cheese for on top. That said, he doesn’t like Violife on its own, or the cream cheese version, so it may well be that he turns his nose up. Fingers crossed he doesn’t, as it is so helpful to have a few convenience options up my sleeve!





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