A pizza the action

At first I thought today was a crap day. I work part-time so I can spend Thursday and Friday with L, do the school run etc. Which I treasure and I know I am so lucky to be able to have a flexible job.


He was up SO much last night, and ready for the day at 5:30. By the time it was school run, I was ready for gin. We went on a long walk, up massive hills and all sorts, so he could get fresh air and sleep. He did sleep, but woke up about 3 minutes from getting home, and then spent the rest of the day having temper tantrums, biting my nips, climbing on and attempting off all the furniture and other such mischief.

It was a challenge to say the least. Oh, and daddy’s gone to the football so bath and bed time was a solo mama mission.

But, dear reader, today was in fact a FANTASTIC day.

The thing with allergic children is that you develop a repertoire. I know L will never say no to pasta (probably jinxed it now) and that C will always choose salmon when we eat something he can’t have. In L’s case, because he has such a multitude of allergies and … we’ll call it particular tastes, it’s a bloody nightmare. The amount of times I’ve concocted meals for him, bagged up several portions for the freezer and felt so flipping smug, only for him to pull a disgusted face, spit it out and sweep it all off his tray after one bite…. So that really puts me off trying new things sometimes (things that take effort).

Tonight I tried something new. And. It. Worked. And not just any old whatsit. PIZZA.

OK, it wasn’t exactly made from scratch and doesn’t qualify as pizza and tastes a bit shit if I’m honest, but he LOVED it! So who cares?!



This is the magic stuff, £1.20 from Tesco, and I used half the packet to make his mini pizza. The instructions suggest mixing with olive oil but I used sunflower as I know he’s ok with that, and it worked fine.

Because I fully expected him to turn his nose up, I put almost zero effort into the toppings. Chopped tomato (not even passata, no garlic, nothing), grated Violife (which he asked to have some of while I was grating, and then liked it even though he disliked it last week when I cut him thin slices), some sweetcorn and a very light sprinkling of oregano. Done!

I’d heard Violife  doesn’t melt properly but it worked ok for me I think. I had the oven on 200 and didn’t actually time the pizza, but left it in for a bit longer than probably needed.

His first bite resulted in a curious expression, like WTF is this? And then he just tucked in. It was beautiful!


Even more so when he pointed to the rest and said: “MORE!”

I know the feeling, son.

And I’m delighted because this is another option to give to his nursery (I think he had tomato pasta every single day this week) and one more for the repertoire. Not to mention another way to get some calcium into him.

Leftovers tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Cuddle Fairy

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