Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Allergy Mum Edit

I know, I know. Another Mother’s Day gift guide. This one is different though, because mine isn’t sponsored by anyone and I haven’t got any of these bits for free, and there are only five things in it (but that covers the essentials: something to make her feel special, something to make her feel blessed, something to make her laugh, booze and a card. Sorted!

Right, here we go.

Selfish Mother sweatshirt

We all love this brand. They make really cool sweatshirts and donate lots of money to charity. Spending £50 on a sweatshirt isn’t something the mum in your life does every day, so treat her with one of these (though you might struggle to choose). I have a grey Winging It one in the scoop neck style, and I love it. It’s so, so soft and comfy. I’d recommend sizing up if you’re unsure – I’m a 14 and got an XL, even though that’s recommended for a size 16. It fits nice and loose – perfect for a slouchy sweatshirt.I also have my eye on the baseball t-shirts, though I’m unsure about the white, and fancy a Mama scoop neck in red or navy, though I don’t think those colours exist in that design.


Hurrah for Gin stuff

The funniest blogger around. Her cartoons are highly relatable, and have mums everywhere going “me too!”. She’s written a brilliantly hilarious book and has recently released cards which make for the perfect Mother’s Day card.

22 (1).png

Fancy booze

I got absolutely loads of ginny goodness for Christmas (including two copies of Hurrah for Gin…), and it went down a treat. One of my favourites was this Fever Tree gift set which I’m sure you can buy at some supermarkets but I can only find the link to the quite expensive version on Very (so shop around!). It’s great because it tells you which tonic to have with which gin, and they all tasted really different.

The other super fancy gin I got at Christmas was this bottle of Earl Grey infused gin. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous and will be a very special Mother’s Day gift for gin-loving mums.

And if she doesn’t like gin, choose a fancy bottle of Prosecco or some unusual craft beers – something she likes but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself.

22 (3).png

Safe birth certificate

If you’re on a blog looking for presents for a woman in your life, it means you probably have a bit of spare cash and you live in relative privilege compared to most people on earth. It also means that the mother you’re shopping for probably gave birth in a safe environment, with medical professionals and adequate equipment and facilities on hand. This isn’t the case for many women in low-income countries. Around 58,000 women die every year from maternal haemorrhage, making it the third biggest cause of death among women in these countries.

Maternity Worldwide is a charity who aims to reduce the number of women who die as a result of childbirth, and you can support them by buying a safe birth certificate in the name of the woman you want to honour on Mother’s Day.

I received this gift a couple of years ago and I was so touched by it. It really is the perfect gift (and great as a last-minute option, as there are digital certificates which you can print at home).

22 (2).png

But at the end of the day, the best thing I’ve ever received on Mother’s Day was a card with heartfelt words. Most of the time I don’t feel like a supermum. I’m impatient, I don’t Pinterest, I find playing with my kids boring at times. Going to work is a really nice break. But I try really hard, so to know there is someone who sees my efforts and thinks I’m doing a good job really means the world.


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13 thoughts on “Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Allergy Mum Edit

  1. I’m jealous of your sweatshirt. Winging It has been my catchphrase since I gave birth a little over 4 years ago. I’ve hinted many times about these sweatshirts, but still not got one. Maybe this year! #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. I love the sound of Maternity Worldwide. What a thoughtful present it would make. We don’t realise how lucky we are to be living in developed countries and having a safe environment to give birth in. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink


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