About me

Nice to meet you!

My name is Karen and I live in Stockport with my husband and our two sons, aged 6 and 1. C is our eldest and he is allergic to nuts, and little bro L is allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, soya and peas, having outgrown his sensitivities to cod and oats. I know, what can he eat?

When C was diagnosed with a nut allergy, I thought it was the end of the world. But now managing that allergy seems relatively simple compared to the multiple allergies L has. Since his diagnosis, I’ve learned so much about allergies, the most important being:

  1. Allergy parents are absolute superheroes. Just check any Facebook group for this weird sub-culture of label readers and cross-contamination protectors. They will inspect pictures of dodgy nappies belonging to other people’s kids, get excited with you over a [insert allergen here]-free anything in a supermarket and generally just get what you’re dealing with.
  2. With the best will in the world, the NHS (which I’m a big fan of, so back off government with your privatisation plans) isn’t very well equipped to really support or advise people with multiple allergies.
  3. There’s a lot of education still needed more generally about allergies – from parents throwing birthday parties and well-meaning grandparents to supermarkets, restaurants and schools.

I started this blog as I realised I was spending a lot of time on said Facebook groups sharing my experience and offering advice to other parents, and so I thought I may as well write blog posts. My day job is in marketing, but I don’t get enough opportunities to write. This is the perfect outlet.

Obviously I’m not a medical professional, so what I share here shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. I’m a mum who has been managing the boys’ allergies for over 5 years (with their amazing dad), so I’m here to offer my experience and support to anyone who might need it. Seriously, if you’re worried about your child, please get medical advice.

In addition to talking about allergy life and sharing tips and recipes, I like to write about parenting and mum life in general. This obviously includes things like gin and guilt, which fuel many a mother, but also gentle/attachment parenting, breastfeeding, friendships in your thirties and life as an expat.