Our favourites from the Free From Awards

Today saw the announcement of the shortlist for this year’s Free From Food Awards, so I was keen to see which products are up for an award.

When you’re shopping/cooking to manage multiple allergies, you inevitably go through a few stages when you find a new product that appears safe.

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Dear New Mum Friends … You Don’t Know Me At All

I feel genuinely lucky to have met some brilliant women while I’ve been on maternity leave with my youngest. I’ve found it much easier this time round, living in a different area to when my eldest was born, where there are loads of groups and people seem really open and friendly. I’m also more confident now in my role as mum, and I think overall I really care less what people think of me.

Which is why this is a genuine confession. My new friends don’t really know me.

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How this allergy journey started

I’ve wanted to get back into writing for a while, but you know what it’s like… there’s always excuses and never enough time. Well, last night I decided to take the plunge and now here we are.

Managing allergies makes up a huge part of my life. It’s well and good saying “don’t let allergies define you” or “it’s ok to relax once in a while”. But if it’s your kids who suffer from a reaction, you’d do anything to make it stop.

I guess a good start would be to tell you how we started off in this world of food allergies.

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