89 Non-Food Easter Treats For Your Easter Egg Hunt

Easter can be a pain for parents of allergic children. From Easter egg hunts sponsored by Cadbury’s and the like, to a magnitude of chocolate given with the best intentions, it can be stressful.

But I’m here to help all Easter bunnies who want to make this a special time for their little chicks. Here is a┬álist of 89 non-food treats that should fit in egg-shaped containers – perfect for an Easter egg hunt.


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Dear New Mum Friends … You Don’t Know Me At All

I feel genuinely lucky to have met some brilliant women while I’ve been on maternity leave with my youngest. I’ve found it much easier this time round, living in a different area to when my eldest was born, where there are loads of groups and people seem really open and friendly. I’m also more confident now in my role as mum, and I think overall I really care less what people think of me.

Which is why this is a genuine confession. My new friends don’t really know me.

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