What’s for dinner? Sausage pasta sauce {recipe}

As a family with multiple allergies, most meals involve several pots: some of them safe for one boy only, some for both. And me, checking and double checking before I dish up, and making sure I don’t mess up a meal by adding the wrong gravy, for example.

That’s why I love meals that all of us can eat together. Bonus points if they are tasty, healthy, quick and cost-effective. Tonight I got a full house in the form of sausage pasta.

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Birthday parties and food allergies

When C was diagnosed with a nut allergy, I cried for two days. I remember being particularly devastated that he would never have Reese’s peanut butter cups and that he’d probably never be able to go to Thailand (even though I haven’t even been myself).

One of the things that worried/saddened me the most was how we’d cope with birthday parties. Well, five years on we’ve attended loads of birthday parties, and we’ve just had our first couple of parties where I didn’t stay to help supervise.

For me, the key to success has been close cooperation and clear communication with host parents. That’s why I’ve put together this infographic below highlighting five questions you should ask a host parent when your allergic child is invited to a birthday party.

Allergy birthday party infographic crop.png

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Passing an oat challenge

The clue’s in the title… HE DID IT! We’ve been told that after today’s successful challenge with oats, we should gradually introduce it to L’s diet.


Showing those allergies where to go.

As I mentioned in the last post, this challenge felt quite a lot different to his cod challenge a few months ago, as his blood tests actually showed he was allergic to oats (unlike cod, which came up negative).

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