Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Allergy Mum Edit

I know, I know. Another Mother’s Day gift guide. This one is different though, because mine isn’t sponsored by anyone and I haven’t got any of these bits for free, and there are only five things in it (but that covers the essentials: something to make her feel special, something to make her feel blessed, something to make her laugh, booze and a card. Sorted!

Right, here we go.

Selfish Mother sweatshirt

We all love this brand. They make really cool sweatshirts and donate lots of money to charity. Spending £50 on a sweatshirt isn’t something the mum in your life does every day, so treat her with one of these (though you might struggle to choose). I have a grey Winging It one in the scoop neck style, and I love it. It’s so, so soft and comfy. I’d recommend sizing up if you’re unsure – I’m a 14 and got an XL, even though that’s recommended for a size 16. It fits nice and loose – perfect for a slouchy sweatshirt.I also have my eye on the baseball t-shirts, though I’m unsure about the white, and fancy a Mama scoop neck in red or navy, though I don’t think those colours exist in that design.


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A pizza the action

At first I thought today was a crap day. I work part-time so I can spend Thursday and Friday with L, do the school run etc. Which I treasure and I know I am so lucky to be able to have a flexible job.


He was up SO much last night, and ready for the day at 5:30. By the time it was school run, I was ready for gin. We went on a long walk, up massive hills and all sorts, so he could get fresh air and sleep. He did sleep, but woke up about 3 minutes from getting home, and then spent the rest of the day having temper tantrums, biting my nips, climbing on and attempting off all the furniture and other such mischief.

It was a challenge to say the least. Oh, and daddy’s gone to the football so bath and bed time was a solo mama mission.

But, dear reader, today was in fact a FANTASTIC day.

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